Students Are Saying:

NewPointe Institute will challenge you to read the Word more, to study more and to pray more. The curriculum is great and the homework manageable. I highly recommend it - especially to small group leaders.
The NewPointe Institute offers an enlightening and challenging academic experience for increasing one's knowledge and understanding of his or her Christian faith.
Each class opened up something new about God's Word that has helped me in my walk with Christ. It gave me the opportunity to meet people from other campuses that I may not have gotten to know otherwise.
The Old Testament and New Testament Survey classes helped me understand the historical setting in which the authors wrote and their purpose in writing. That understanding has been very important to my personal spiritual growth and greatly increased my overall appreciation of God's Word.
By being a student at the Institute, God has given me the grace to see his hand at work in every area of my life.
The Institute has been invaluable in my relationship with God! I have gained not only valuable knowledge, but confidence that where God leads He will provide. I can't wait for the next class and the wisdom of the instructors. I would encourage anyone on a journey of faith to enroll today!
I knew absolutely nothing about the Bible. I started with Old Testament Survey and then followed with New Testament Survey. If someone asked me if that enriched my life ... at 73 years old I decided to be baptized and ask Jesus to be my personal savior ... what does that tell you!
If you are new to the Bible or even if you have been reading and studying the Bible for many years, there is definitely something you can gain from these classes. They were well taught and the material was wonderful.
My classmates and I left class every night with fire in our eyes! We were incredibly encouraged and determined to learn more every week. Gaining biblical knowledge helps you better understand the way God works; and what He wants to do in and through you.
The Institute was truly a life-changing experience for me. Anyone interested in taking their faith to the next level should try at least one class.

Program Tracks

Biblical Studies

This program is designed to provide a broad and deep understanding of biblical content, theology, and Christian ethics – knowledge that is foundational to a mature Christian worldview and fruitful church leadership. It is designed to be completed in as little as one year. Most courses are offered in both weekday evening and weekend formats at multiple campuses. The Biblical Studies program is appropriate for a wide audience of regular church attendees, volunteers, volunteer leaders, and staff. Students who successfully complete the Biblical Studies program are awarded a NewPointe Institute Diploma in Biblical Studies. This diploma has recognized value for all volunteer leadership and staff positions at NewPointe Community Church (and like-minded churches).

  • Biblical Essentials (BE) - 5 courses
  • Course Electives (CE) - 2 courses
  • Per course requirements:
  • 12-16 hours of lecture attendance & classroom participation
  • 3-5 hours of weekly homework assignments
  • Documentation of spiritual formation & church volunteer activities
  • Final exam

Personal Enrichment

We recognize that there are those who have a desire to enhance their biblical knowledge and leadership skills, but do not have an interest in earning a diploma in Biblical Studies or Church Leadership. Therefore, most courses offered by the NewPointe Institute are offered on a non-credit (audit basis) for those who are interested in taking them solely for personal enrichment. Students who audit a course have access to all classroom lectures, handouts, and activities. They are strongly encouraged to complete all reading assignments and participate in classroom discussions, but are not required to complete weekly written assignments or a final exam. Students who audit a course do not earn credit toward a NewPointe Institute diploma. All NewPointe Institute courses (except for those in the Ministry Essentials series, which require intensive hands-on experience and staff supervision) are available to audit. Please note that some courses (e.g., BE401: Theology) may require prerequisites, so be sure to carefully check course requirements before registering to audit.

Resident Internship

T he Resident Internship program is designed to give participants ministry experience, as well as a glimpse into the life of someone in ministry. Interns will gain valuable experience while working alongside NewPointe staff members. The program focuses on developing Interns in three areas: Leadership, Theology, and Ministry. The Resident Internship Program is a 1-year commitment and is designed to provide an intensive, hands-on training experience for those who feel called to full-time ministry. Components of the residency program include practicums and program assignments across multiple ministry venues; leadership and character development; church-growth strategies vision-casting and implementation strategies; development of a worldview; mentoring relationships, accountability, and emotional health. Interns are required to take at least one NewPointe Institute course per semester to enhance biblical and theological perspective; this course of study will be determined in conjunction with any existing college credit an intern has completed. For more info on this program,visit

  • Must be 18 years or old
  • High school diploma (or GED equivalent)
  • Exemplifies and lives a life in Christ
  • Fully supports the vision of NewPointe Community Church


Interested in licensing/ordination through the NewPointe Institute? Please click here to complete a contact request.

Course Listing

Biblical Essentials(BE)

Course Title Hours
BE101 New Testament Survey 16 Hours
BE201 Old Testament Survey 16 Hours
BE301 Bible Study Methods 16 Hours
BE401 Introduction to Theology 16 Hours
BE501 Introduction to Christian Ethics 16 Hours

Ministry Essentials(ME)

Course Title Hours

Course Electives(CE)

Course Title Hours
CE101 Overview of the Bible 12 Hours
CE102 Church History 12 Hours
CE103 Global Missions 12 Hours
CE105 Apologetics 12 Hours
CE204 Spiritual Warfare 12 Hours
CE304 Practical Relationship Skills for Leaders 12 Hours
CE305 Leadercast Live® Conference & Discussion Group 12 Hours
CE307 Biblical Counseling 12 Hours
CE308 Marriage and Family 12 Hours

Tuition, Fees, & Cancellations

Application Fee - $25

A non-refundable $25 application fee must be submitted with the online Application for Admission. Note that the Application for Admission must be completed online. An Application for Admission is NOT required for those who desire to only audit courses.

12-Hour Lecture Course

The tuition cost of a 12-hour lecture course is $60 per course.
The tuition cost of a 12-hour online lecture course is $85 per course.

16-Hour Lecture Course

The tuition cost of a 16-hour lecture course is $75 per course.
The tuition cost of a 16-hour online lecture course is $100 per course

Tuition Deadline

Total tuition is payable at time of course registration and must be paid in full when registering. Note that registration for all courses must be completed online

Courses Taken as Audit

Tuition fees for courses taken as audit are: $45 for a 12-hour course, and $60 for a 16-hour course. Courses taken for audit follow the registration deadlines as outlined, unless otherwise noted. Online courses cannot be taken for audit.


The cost of required textbooks are not included in the application or tuition fees. Textbooks are not provided by the instructors and can be purchased online at or other vendors. The cost per textbook varies, but may likely average around $35 per textbook.

Computer / Software / Internet

All courses require basic computer skills, and acces to the internet, an email account, a computer capable of playing online videos (e.g., Vimeo, YouTube), and word-processing software (Microsoft Word or equivalent).


The Institute reserves the right to cancel a course when an insufficient number of students are registered for that course. The tuition fee of the cancelled course will be refunded promptly.

**Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.


NewPointe Institute is a division of NewPointe Community Church and courses are held at various NewPointe campuses.

NewPointe Community Church - Canton Campus
5305 Broadmoor Circle NW
Canton, Ohio 44709

NewPointe Community Church - Dover Campus
3950 SR 39 NW
Dover, Ohio 44622

NewPointe Community Church - Coshocton Office
313 Main St.
Coshocton, Ohio 43812

NewPointe Community Church - Millersburg Office
8882 SR 39
Millersburg, Ohio 44654

Frequently Asked Questions

Students in the credentialing programs are required to submit a paper at the end of each course. In addition, most courses will have weekly written assignments, generally in the form of take-home quizzes (multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, or short essay questions). These assignments are designed to reinforce lecture and reading materials, strengthen the student’s learning experience, and provide a means for the Institute to evaluate the student’s progress.

Papers and tests are not required of those who choose to take a course solely for personal enrichment (non-credit audit option). However, students auditing a course are strongly encouraged to complete all reading assignments and to participate actively in class discussions.

It is imperative that students have access to the assigned textbook(s). Textbooks are carefully selected by the faculty for each NewPointe Institute course, and readings from these texts are assigned throughout the course. These readings are intended to supplement the course lecture materials, equip the student to constructively participate in class discussions, and are required for successful completion of the course. In addition, the selected textbooks can serve as the core personal resource library for students throughout their Christian journeys and service to the church.

A tuition fee is charged to provide a small stipend to partially compensate instructors for the professional expertise and time they devote to these classes, and to cover general administrative costs.

It is important to note that the tuition charged for similar courses offered at Bible colleges and universities generally exceeds $1,000/course. The Institute is able to keep tuition extremely low by minimizing administrative overhead costs, and through the generosity of NewPointe Community Church in covering facilities costs, and faculty who donate much of their time to the Institute as a ministry to the church. The sacrifices that are made by NewPointe and faculty to keep tuition so low represent an investment in the future health and vitality of the local church, and are done to ensure that personal finances are not an obstacle for students to be further equipped in taking on future leadership roles.

Credit is applied only for credentialing offered through the NewPointe Institute. This credentialing reflects the endorsement and reputation of NewPointe Community Church as one of the fastest growing, dynamic, creative, and Kingdom-focused churches in the country. NewPointe Institute credentialing is expected to add value for those who are seeking to fill significant volunteer leadership roles or open staff positions at all NewPointe campuses and like-minded churches.

The Institute has been intentional about not seeking formal college accreditation for its courses. In so doing, we are able to avoid the administrative costs associated with the regulations of an outside governing body, and are able to maintain complete control over the content of courses and program requirements, ensuring that the “NewPointe Way” (statement of beliefs, values, and approach to ministry) is instilled and maximized in students at a very low financial cost to the student.

You are contacted by your instructor prior to the first class session and provided information on how to access the video lectures online and basic course requirements. Generally, each week you are assigned to watch a video lecture, do textbook readings, and complete a homework assignment (usually a brief reflection paper on the content of that week's lecture). You have the flexibility to listen to the video lecture (about 60 to 90 minutes long) as your schedule permits during the week, but all assignments must be completed by the weekly deadline set by your instructor. If you have questions about an assignment, the video lecture or textbook readings, online interaction with your instructor is available and encouraged.

Message from the Program Director

Hello, my name is Dr. Bill Wenger and I am the Program Director at NewPointe Institute. Our mission is to equip leaders for the local church by providing programs of excellence for spiritual growth and leadership training. Our foundational principles are solidly biblical. In the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20), Jesus calls us to “make disciples, teaching them to do all I have commanded.” The church is further instructed to “train believers for the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12). And in John 14:10, we discover what it means to love Jesus: it is to learn His commandments and do them. It is this dynamic of learning and doing that best characterizes NewPointe Institute programs.

In evaluating prospective volunteer leaders and staff members, we are well aware that NewPointe Community Church—and like-minded churches—are far more interested in “Can you get the job done?” than “What degree(s) do you have?” Therefore, the primary focus of NewPointe Institute training is to equip students to excel in real-world ministry over and above the granting of academic credentials.

Nevertheless, students at the Institute are challenged with a rigorous classroom experience. Course content is similar to that of an undergraduate college level class. However, we know that lectures and reading alone can make smart believers but not necessarily mature believers. Our goal at the Institute is to equip leaders who are both academically trained and spiritually mature. Therefore, in addition to class-related homework and essays, students are evaluated on their participation in the spiritual formation and church ministry activities to which they have access. NewPointe Institute is dedicated to producing well-rounded leaders who demonstrate their love for Jesus by both learning and doing.

This is an exciting time to be the church! On behalf of all NewPointe Institute faculty, I invite you to explore how our programs can better equip you to serve through your local church in a volunteer or staff position.

In His Service,

Bill Wenger
Program Director
NewPointe Institute

Schedule by Location

Summer 2021

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Register for Courses

A one-time application process (Available Here) is required of all students who seek to take courses for credit; students interested in auditing courses for personal enrichment (non-credit) are not required to fill out an application and can proceed directly to course registration. 

Registration deadline for Summer 2021 NewPointe Institute courses is Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

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